In terms of security challenges for homeowners in Adelaide and Perth, there are a few factors to consider[1][4]:

  1. Lack of proper locking: According to a report, around one in five people in Australia still do not lock their doors, leaving their homes vulnerable to break-ins[1]. It is essential for homeowners to ensure that all doors and windows are properly locked to enhance home security.
  2. Limited security measures: While many households in Australia have adopted security measures such as CCTV cameras, alarms, and video doorbells, there is still room for improvement. One study found that only one in six homes in Australia has an alarm system and one in six households uses a video doorbell[1]. Homeowners should consider investing in advanced security systems to enhance the protection of their homes.
  3. Growing security concerns: Australia faces an unprecedented set of security challenges, including issues related to power rebalance in the Asia-Pacific region and the impacts of climate change[5]. These challenges can indirectly affect home security by potentially destabilizing communities and increasing the risk of crime.
  4. Smart home vulnerabilities: With the increasing adoption of smart home devices, there is a new set of challenges related to cybersecurity. Homeowners need to be aware of the potential vulnerabilities associated with these devices and take measures to secure their smart home systems[6].

To address these challenges, homeowners in Adelaide and Perth should prioritize the implementation of robust home security measures, including proper locking mechanisms, advanced security systems, and cybersecurity practices for smart home devices. Additionally, staying informed about the latest security threats and developments can help homeowners make informed decisions to protect their homes.


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