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Here at Bargain Shutters and Blinds, we have strived hard to ensure we can offer the best shutters and outdoor blinds on the market at the lowest prices. Working with many stakeholders in the industry we have the buying power of the biggest companies with the knowledge and efficiency of a small team of experts. 

We have minimised the size of our business to ensure that we can pass on as many savings to you and be known for cheap outdoor blinds throughout the whole of South Australia. Give us a call to find out exactly how our quality outdoor blinds in Adelaide are the best on the market.

Our materials are sourced entirely from South Australia. This saves money on transportation costs and ensures that your external blinds can be installed quickly and efficiently compared to other blinds on the market.

People may have many reasons for using our outdoor blinds Adelaide. The blind material is very tough and versatile, our outdoor roller blinds are stylish and will be perfect for cafe blinds, alfresco blinds, veranda blinds, pergola blinds or bistro blinds. 

Our friendly team will be able to assist you and navigate the range of styles and options to get the very best solution for your home. We have decades of working in the industry and have all the expertise to match the best outdoor blind Adelaide for your home. We know every home is a completely different project and we are fully committed to providing the best option for you.


Our team of professionals will come up at your place as per the convenience and measure the outdoor blinds in your home in Adelaide.

We do offer a guarantee of five years on the outdoor roller blinds in Adelaide. During the tenure of the guarantee period, there will be no difficulties faced by you.

The cost of external blinds in Adelaide differs, and we assure you that it will not empty your bank account. Each of our cheap outdoor blinds in Adelaide is available as per the customization. Hence the cost will vary from one blind to the other.

Yes, all the products available at Bargain Shutters & Blinds come with a warranty. Our warranty period is five years. During the warranty period, if the product gets damaged, you can contact us right away, and we shall come up with a solution. 

It is essential to keep your quality outdoor blinds in Adelaide clean to prevent them from getting jammed. You can wipe off dust and then clean it up with a wet cloth. However, depending on the material of the outdoor blinds, the cleaning agents and methods will differ.