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Looking for the perfect dual roller blinds in Adelaide? Look no further than Bargain Shutters & Blinds. As a family-run business with years of experience, we pride ourselves on providing top-quality products and unbeatable service to our local community.

Why choose dual roller blinds from us? First and foremost, it’s all about flexibility. Blockout roller blinds offer you the best of both worlds – you can control the amount of light and privacy with ease. Whether you want to enjoy the warm South Australian sun or create a cozy, shaded retreat, our dual roller blinds have got you covered.

Furthermore, at Bargain Shutters & Blinds, we understand the importance of a fast turnaround. We know you don’t want to wait forever to transform your living space. That’s why we’re committed to getting your blinds to you as quickly as possible without compromising on quality.

Additionally, getting a quote with us is a breeze. We make the process simple and straightforward, with no sales pressure. We believe that our products and competitive prices speak for themselves, and we’re here to help, not push you into a decision.

Moreover, when you choose Bargain Shutters & Blinds, you’re not just getting exceptional dual roller blinds; you’re investing in a local business that cares about your needs. Experience the difference with us and enjoy the perfect blend of style, functionality, and affordability.

Finally, discover the beauty of dual roller blinds from Bargain Shutters & Blinds today!

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Dual Roller Blinds

Seamless Style and Enhanced Functionality

Dual roller blinds are a stylish and practical addition to any home, offering a high level of control over both light and privacy. These blinds feature two distinct layers that can be adjusted independently: a sheer fabric that allows natural light to filter through while obscuring the view from outside, and a blackout fabric that provides complete privacy and darkness. Consequently, this setup is perfect for maintaining a comfortable indoor environment in rooms used for various purposes throughout the day, such as living rooms and bedrooms.

Furthermore, dual roller blinds are highly effective in improving energy efficiency. The blackout layer helps to insulate windows, keeping rooms warmer in the winter and cooler in the summer, thereby potentially reducing energy costs. Moreover, with a range of fabrics and designs available, these blinds can also enhance the overall aesthetic of your space, complementing any interior design scheme while providing versatile window treatment solutions.

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Kitchen with dual roller blinds installed.
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Frequently Asked Questions

1. How much do Dual Roller Blinds cost?

The price of Dual Roller Blinds will depend on many factors. 

Thanks to a direct relationship with Australian manufacturers, our Dual Roller Blinds will offer discounts that no other company canSend us a message and let’s talk about what you are after, then we will measure the area for FREE and come up with an accurate quote based on your preferences.

2. How to clean Dual Roller Blinds?

Extend the roller blinds fully.

Clean both sides of the blinds by wiping them with a damp cloth or using the vacuum’s brush attachment. No need to remove the blinds or use strong cleaning agents.

If the blinds are wet, ensure they dry completely before retracting them. Even vinyl blinds can develop mould and mildew if rolled up while damp, so allow them to air dry thoroughly.

3. How to remove Dual Roller Blinds?

Removing blind 1

1. Roll the blind up completely by pulling the chain tension device. This action facilitates easier handling and storage once the blind is detached. In case the blinds are malfunctioning and cannot be rolled up, manually rotate the blind spool counterclockwise (when viewed from the right) until it’s fully rolled up. The spool refers to the cylindrical bar around which the fabric wraps, akin to the holder for a roll of tape.

Remove blind 2

2. Unscrew the lower chain safety clip. This clip, situated around ¾ of the way down the blind, serves as the attachment point for the chain pulley on the wall. Insert a screwdriver into the screw head and turn it leftward to loosen and remove the screw. This step can be skipped if your blinds lack a pulley chain.

Remove blind 3.

3. Identify the safety clamp or disc on one side of the roller. Typically, standard roller blinds feature brackets on both ends to secure the roller. One bracket houses a post that supports the roller, while the other holds a safety clamp. You might need a step ladder to access the brackets, starting with the right and then the left side if necessary. If your outside-mounted blinds have bracket covers, pull them towards you to reveal the side with the clamp.

Remove blind 4.

4. Release the clamp on the mounting bracket. Once you’ve located the bracket with the clamp, shaped like the letter “C,” lift it upward. This action allows the spool on that end of the roller to be removed from its slot. In the absence of a clamp, your blinds may feature a serrated disc on one end, usually opposite the chain drive. Rotate this disc upward until you hear a click to disengage the blind from the bracket.

Remove blind 5.

5. Remove the roller from both brackets. Each bracket secures the roller in place with a slot. Start by lifting the side of the roller with the clamp out of its slot, then lift the roller from the opposite side bracket. If one end of the roller is spring-loaded and requires slight inward pressure toward the bracket, remove that end first. Depending on the bracket type, you may need to slightly slide the blind sideways to release it from the brackets.

4. How to install Dual Roller Blinds?
  1. Decide where to place the chain. Assess your space and determine which side of the blind you want the chain to hang on. Most roller blinds allow for changing the chain’s position. For instance, if there’s a chair to the left of the window, you might prefer the chain on the left for easier access.
  2. Determine the blind’s rolling direction. The blind can roll either under or over the roller. Typically, blinds are positioned to roll under the roller. However, if there are objects protruding from the window, you might choose to roll the blind over the roller to avoid obstructions when pulling it down.
  3. Secure the brackets. Use a hand drill to tightly secure the brackets that come with the roller blind, ensuring they are firmly attached to prevent the blind from falling. Follow the instruction manual specific to your Bargains Shutters and Blinds roller blind, as each model may vary slightly.
  4. Trim the blind to fit the space. If the blind is too large, remove it from the roller and measure the excess that needs to be cut. Mark a vertical line on the blind’s fabric with a pencil and cut along this line. Reattach the trimmed fabric to the roller. Double-check your measurements before cutting. Ensure the fabric is attached perfectly horizontally to the roller to avoid issues with rolling.
  5. Install the blind on the brackets. Fit the blind into the secured brackets, following the specific installation instructions provided with your Bargains Shutters and Blinds roller blind.
  6. Attach the chain to the wall. Use the provided screws and a hand drill to secure the chain to the wall. If the chain hangs loosely beside the blind, securing it may not be necessary.

By following these steps, you can ensure a proper installation of your Bargains Shutters and Blinds roller blind.

5. How to fix a chain on a Dual Roller Blinds?

First, carefully detach the two brackets from the wall to remove the roller blind and hold it in your hands. Ensure the blind is fully rolled up if it is in the down position. Place the blind on a flat surface and gently remove the chain mechanism wheel. You’ll see a screw that needs to be removed with a standard screwdriver to access the inner section of the chain wheel.

After removing the screw, gently pull the cap (it will stay attached) to a position where you can insert the chain. Insert the chain, push the cap back to secure the chain, and reinsert the screw without overtightening. Hold the opposite edge of the wheel while tightening the screw to avoid losing any parts. Now the wheel is fixed with the chain.

Next, reinsert the wheel back into the blind. Before reattaching it to the wall, give a small flick to the other wheel (not the end you screwed) to pop out a necessary pin. Attach the end with the wheel mechanism to the corresponding wall bracket, ensuring the semi-covered part is facing upwards. Finally, secure the remaining end to the wall bracket.

That’s it! You’ve successfully fixed your broken roller blind chain with Bargains Shutters and Blinds in no time.