Signs that Tell You to Replace Your Blinds With New Ones

Written by Angelica Leon

23 July 2021

Black indoor Roller Blinds

The Importance of Upgrading Your Blinds


Spring is the ideal time to refresh your home’s interior design and make essential upgrades like replace your blinds. One of the most crucial factors to consider during these upgrades is the quality of your window blinds, particularly your outdoor blinds. If your blinds are old or worn out, replacing them can instantly enhance the aesthetic appeal and functionality of your home.

New vertical or horizontal blinds can elevate the look of your bedroom, living room, and kitchen. Additionally, updating your blinds can improve safety, particularly for children, and significantly boost the overall appearance of your home. Here are the top signs that indicate it’s time to replace your blinds with quality outdoor blinds available in Adelaide.


Signs You Need to Replace Your Blinds


1. Bending and Breaking:

Durable materials are used to make blinds, yet mini blinds are more prone to damage. Broken or bent blinds diminish the visual appeal of your interiors. If you notice any such damage, it’s time to consider new blinds. Vertical blinds are a robust option, effectively keeping out heat and light, while wooden blinds made of basswood offer a trendy alternative.

2. Discolouration:

Blinds often endure heavy wear and tear from exposure to sunlight and weather. Over time, this leads to discolouration and stains. If your blinds are yellowing or accumulating dust, replacing them with new roller blinds can refresh your space and improve functionality.

3. Worn-Out Cords:

The cords of blinds weaken with regular use, affecting their performance. If the cords no longer function properly, making it difficult to lift the blinds, it’s time for new ones.

4. Difficulty in Lifting:

If the mechanism for lifting your blinds is broken or unrepairable, they become useless. Replace non-functioning blinds to restore their practical purpose and maintain your view.

For high-quality blinds in Adelaide, consider visiting Bargain Shutters & Blinds for a range of options that blend style and practicality.

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